Chiropractic Care

Dr. Paula Waterbury, Waterbury Chiropractic 

Dr. Waterbury is a Troy native. She is an insightful, kind & talented chiropractor who practices chiropractic care and Ulan Applied Kinesiology.  She is also a Standard Process Educator.

*Chiropractic Care

*Ulan Applied Kinesiology

*Standard Process Educator

Dr. Waterbury, Teresa Armstrong (massage therapist) and LisaMarie Tersigni collaborate; providing loving holistic wellness to their patients/clients.

~Dedicated to your Healing~ 

Dr. Waterbury can be reached by calling:             518-272-3819


Teresa Armstrong can be reached by calling:       518-542-1687


LisaMarie Tersigni can be reached by calling:       518-603-0326


500 Federal Street, Suite 301A, Troy, New York  12180