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Holistic Healthy Living Program

The Holistic Healthy Living Program (HHLP) is an insightful program designed with you and your healing in mind. It is as unique as you and integrates informational, emotional, intellectual, experiential, and practical components,  that will help you see things from a new perspective, and help you to prevent disease, reverse disease, lose/manage your weight, let go of anxiety, depression, and fear.
HHLP is a vast program packed filled with education, tools, techniques, love and support.  In true holistic form, we travel through your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects.  You will learn self-appreciation, self-love, how to build healthier relationships with self and others.  You may reduce or eliminate medications, feel stronger, have more energy, feel more love, reverse disease, become more empowered and live a healthier, happier life; naturally.
LisaMarie combines cognitive behavioral counseling, nutrition education, lifestyle coaching, spiritual wisdom……and more, for you to:
  • Learn to love and respect yourself
  • Overcome depression and anxiety
  • Become courageous and focused
  • Beat and/or reverse disease
  • Learn to eat and live a healthy life
  • Lose weight healthily
  • Sustainably maintain a healthy weight
  • Create your life goals and live your dreams
  • Create healthier relationships

Within functional wellness, we look at the balance between internal (individual responses to stress, illness, personal or cultural behaviors) and external factors (learning new or adaptive strategies for current situation/s, managing your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, environmental health).

This program also teaches healthy nutrition; what it is, how to make healthier choices and how to transition to a more energetic, overall healthier person.

Additional benefits:

Gut-Brain Connection:  you will learn about the importance of healthy body in supporting your brain (nervous system) to ultimate brain function.

*Consultations are complimentary.