9 to Thrive!

                                    ~ Wellness is a Lifestyle ~ 

9 to Thrive! is a 9 – Month Life Transformative Program; 9 Months to Birth the Healthiest, Best Version of You! 

What are your possibilities when you are the happiest, healthiest, best version of you?  

You enter this program with your desires/hopes/dreams.  I help you work through challenges/barriers, and we work together to Birth the Healthiest, BEST Version of YOU!

 *Emotional Healing  *Reverse/Eliminate Disease  *Weight Loss/Management * Reduce/Eliminate Medications * Improve Relationships with Self  & Others *Change careers * More Energy * Better Focus * Improved Understanding Overall Life Transformation 

Our 9 to Thrive! Program is a deeply moving, highly educational and supportive 9-Month program that helps you transition you from where you are today to where you want to be on your life journey.

Your 9 to Thrive! Journey is as unique as you are, as it is created for you specifically, based on your history, your present state, your desires for your health, your life and your future.

9 to Thrive! uses a functional wellness and holistic approach to wellness and life transformation.  As holistic beings our mind, body, emotions, and spirit interact, and what we feed ourselves in each of these parts determines our health and wellness.  When we care for all parts of ourselves, we feel more complete, fulfilled, empowered, energetic, bright, healthier, happier and are better prepared to take on the world.

9 to Thrive! is a vast program packed with education, tools, techniques, love and support.  It integrates informational, emotional, intellectual, experiential, and practical components,  that help you see things from a new perspective,  gives you a new bounce in your step, a better appreciation of self, and the strength & energy to realize your best self.  To achieve your A game!

Determination, love, understanding, patience, cognitive behavioral counseling, nutrition education, lifestyle coaching, spiritual wisdom and holistic healing modalities are intertwined to bring you to:

  • Learn to love and respect yourself
  • Overcome depression and anxiety
  • Become courageous and focused
  • Beat and/or reverse disease
  • Reduce/Eliminate Medications
  • Learn to eat and live a healthy life
  • Become energetic and stronger
  • Lose weight healthily & sustainably maintain a healthy weight
  • Speak your truth confidently
  • Master stress management
  • Create your life goals and live your dreams
  • Create healthier relationships
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Live joyfully

Personal Portfolio:  Throughout 9 to Thrive!  you will create your own personal portfolio.  This portfolio is yours to keep, use as a reference, and is a keepsake of your healing-wellness journey and the progress you made!

Trinkets of Love:  someone I know loves to give trinkets of love in celebration of you, and your special journey.   Stay tuned as you journey with me!

Ready to start building a realistic, achievable healthy life plan?  Yes?

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