Alive to Thrive! Camp

You are brave, strong & capable. Ready to feel it? Shine it?

Alive to Thrive! Camp is all about recovering the lost art of tranquility, healing, clarity and connection. Women strong!

Overcome Stress & Depression * Positive Creativity * Pure Love * Self-love * Improved Relationships, Spiritual Connectedness * Ikigai (a reason for being)

Alive to Thrive! Camp is a compassionate, supportive, action-based on-line camp for women. You will master change and challenge, replace anxiety with peace and joy, gain clarity, and create a healthier mind, spirit and future. You will be uplifted, strengthened, and filled with a sense of renewal and direction or purpose in life.  You are provided with focus points and support to achieve your life desires and purpose.

Alive to Thrive! Camp is packed full of life transformational content. It is spiritual, inspiring, motivating and filled with love. It is a teaching/learning camp. Interaction is very welcome, but not mandatory.

As a camper you will become an instrumental part of a growing community of women helping & healing one another through our spiritual, wisdom-based, campsites of education, mentoring, guidance, love and support. 

Campers are chatting about their camp experience………….

“I have gained clarity and learned steps to move forward for a better future. Thank you LisaMarie”.  Megan R. M.  2021

“This camp was life saving for me. You have such wisdom, understanding and patience. I learned far more than I thought I would. Loved this camp. Thank you. ” Jayne H.

“LisaMarie your camp has been instrumental to helping me understand myself well, to identify my life’s purpose and to give me the tools to move forward.” Susan C.  2021

~ Connection ~ Camaraderie ~ Compassion ~ Communication ~

All the tools you need to Thrive, and then some! As a camper you will receive:

  • 12 Weeks of Group Campfire Sessions [1-hr per week]       
  • 30 minute private one/one session with camp counselor (LisaMarie)
  • A new lease on life!
  • Forward moving action plan each week
  • Survival Guide Booklet [upon completion of your 12-wk camping journey]
  • Wellness Basket for Early Bird registrants.

Excited!!! Our next Alive to Thrive! Camp starts Wednesday, September 15th!

Wednesdays: 7:00 to 8:00 pm est. Platform: Zoom

12 weeks of excitement, healing, friendships, fun & life transformation!

Campers receive:

  • 12 Weekly Group Campfire Sessions; 1-hr per week
  • 30 minute private one/one session
  • Take-away, forward moving action plan each week
  • Survival Guide Booklet [upon completion of your camping journey].

Early Bird Special:

  • Early Bird Campers receive a 10% tuition discount & will be entered into raffle to win a Wellness Basket. Early Bird enrollment ends 9-1-21.

Non-Early Bird registration ends 9-11-21.

Online Registration: Payment for Services – Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC

Provide your name, email, phone number. You will receive a call from LisaMarie to schedule your one/one private session.

Camp Tuition: $625.00

Or you may mail a check to: Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC, 500 Federal Street, Suite 303, Troy, New York 12180