Anna Mae

Anna Mae is an old soul, freshly graduated from The Center for Natural Wellness and school for Massage Therapy (CNWSMT) in Albany, New York. There she took many classes not only based in the science and technique of massage, but also in sensitivity and boundaries to help build a space for client comfort. Anna Mae is now happy to be working alongside LisaMarie in her space for Inspiring Wellness Solutions in Troy, New York where peace is found again. 

Prior to massage Anna’s career was focused in a home health care setting assisting senior citizens as well as caring for pets and children. Her philosophical nature during childhood has fueled her to be very versatile in her work and combined with analyzing a dream of snakes instigated her shift from studying nursing to feeling whole in her massage field. The psychology courses from nursing (her favorite), as well as her righteous drive have inspired her greatly to want to help adults and children alike to find their way back to themselves again. During clinical work during her school she volunteered massage for a traumatic brain injury center for this very reason. 

In her youth she enjoyed horseback riding, reading for self study, playing volleyball, learning various musical instruments, and inspiring many friendships with ideas and hope. Between working with horses and dogs, having vivid dreams, and meeting very special soul siblings, she has found a strong pull to understand energy and always calls all the love in the universe into her work. She is very in tune with all her 6 senses to listen wholly to her clients and she’s spent a lifetime in dream analysis.