Essential Oils & Therapy

Therapeutic grade essential oils have been used for thousands of years to bring peace, comfort and healing to humans and animals.

Oils are also used to ward off illness, provide energy, enhance foods, clean without toxicity.

We educate our clients and teach community classes about the medicinal (healing, therapeutic, health-giving) effects of using certified pure grade essential oils and how to best use the oils (topically, internally, aromatically) to receive maximum healing benefits. Specific oils and specific applications are recommended based on the presented condition.

For example, if someone is struggling from allergies, there are oils that provide relief when the oils are applied (topical) on the sinuses and bottom of the feet. If someone is struggling with the flu, there are oils that are used in varying ways (topical, internally and aromatically) that will help in recovery.

Aroma Therapy Treatments

Healing comes in many forms. For many, healing occurs with education and application of 100% pure grade essential oils. You may self administer, or come in to receive a gentle and soothing aroma therapy – or both!

You will receive a light application of pure grade essential oils gently rubbed in specific, relaxing and healing motions. These motions and the treatment are known to initiate relaxation and healing.
A few of the myriad benefits:

  • Stress reduction
  • Reduce Pain
  • Expedite Healing
  • Relaxing
  • Ease depression
  • Disease prevention
  • Disease reversal

Additionally, LisaMarie is a trained and certified aroma therapist who utilizes Dr. David Hill’s Aroma-Touch Technique for applying a specific set of essential oil’s to her clients for whole body relaxation, health and overall wellbeing.

The aromatherapy treatment is approximately 45 minutes and consists of gentle pressure and movements over the back, head and feet.