Massage Therapy

Anna Mae Maker, LMT

Anna Mae believes in gentle approach not only for client comfort, but for true healing relief and she is very accommodating to the varied perspectives and needs of any client. She enjoys making a practice of learning from all those she works with and all those she teaches along the way.  Through her values of open mindedness, objectivity, integrity, and patience she keeps her mind and heart open to help lend the focus back to the client’s balance and wholeness. 

Anna Mae very passionately offers many life tools and massages including: classic swedish, shiatsu, polarity, reflexology, hot stones, cupping, basic myofascial release techniques, craniosacral therapy, dream analysis, boundary advice, stretches for posture and a place to feel heard. 

Craniosacral therapy – an excellent modality for those who have suffered from traumatic accidents, this massage modality very very gently focuses on the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid to tap into old wounds and release the fascial patterns held over time.

Services  DescriptionMinutesPrice        
SwedishThe “Bread and Butter”! A classic massage style known for its fluid movements and kneading that works to get the fascia flowing again!30$45
Table ShiatsuTypically done on a mat on the floor, this acupuncture based modality incorporates point work and stretches to return to balance to the body’s energies and emotions 60$85
Table Shiatsu90$110
Table Shiatsu120$130
PolarityThis modality’s purpose is to realign your chakras and reconnect all of your bodies energy centers to your heart, soul, and mind through the use of vibration and jostling30$50
ReflexologyA session focused on the scalp, face, ears, hands, and/or the feet that works to target referred areas of the body30$50

Add hot stones! … +$30

Add cupping! … +$30

Add-on polarity or reflexology! … +$30

Package Deals! Sincerely swedish: 10x 1 hour Swedish massages booked out to your satisfaction!60×10$700
***May be paid for in up to 3 payments as needed***Simply swedish: 5x 1 hour swedish massages60×5$350
Savoring swedish: 8x 2 hour swedish massages120×8$800

Energy pro: 5x 1 hour polarity sessions and 3x 1 hour shiatsu sessions60×8$550
Whole wellness: 3x 1 hour swedish massages, 2x 1 hour shiatsu sessions, 1 hour polarity session, and 1x 30 minute reflexology session60×6.5$450

Hours Available: Tuesday-Friday

To schedule an appointment or to learn more information, please call 518-409-6812 or email