Alive to Thrive! Camp

“Thank you LisaMarie for your compassion & the beaconing light you give us thru the campfires. Your camp is innovative and life altering.” You are a blessing and I’m  grateful to be a part of this innovative approach to mind, body, soul shift. The campfires, are like the markings on a camp trail, aligning us to which path will lead us and keep us on our intended journey. ~ Jayne T. H.

I have gained clarity and learned steps to move forward for a better future.  Thank you LisaMarie” ~ Megan R. M.  

“LisaMarie your camp has been instrumental to helping me understand myself well, to identify my life’s purpose and to give me the tools to move forward.” ~ Susan C. 

Spiritual Guidance/Counseling  

LisaMarie was instrumental in my spiritual journey. Her program and her expertise provided me with the tools and a concrete thought process, which allowed me to work through some obstacles in my life.

Through her expertise and many programs offered, I have been able to tap into my purpose and ultimately feel more at peace in my life.

I have also enjoyed her classes, that have provided self-growth, spiritual connection and have a holistic effect in my life.

I have recommended LisaMarie to friends and business colleagues and will continue to do so. She has a very keen understanding and uniquely beneficial perspective.                                   Lynne P.     


9 to Thrive! Program, Reiki, Spiritual Guidance/Counseling, Holistic Healthy Living & Nutrition 

“Your insights & advice over the last six months have been hugely important to me.  I had hoped to deal with some food issues, but our sessions dealt with so much more than food.  It/they went much deeper – into my soul.  Thank you for the generous gifts of your time, experience and wisdom.  You have helped me grow. ”     Maureen C.   

 Maureen C.   November 2019


LisaMarie turned my unhealthy, stressful life around as well. THANK YOU!!!!! ??              Karen Setia    


I am in Arizona in my second week of vacation as I write this note.
Let me tell you why this trip is a miracle, of sorts.
Four years ago my quality of life was extremely poor. I was obese, ill and lethargic. Everyday was the same: I slept until 11:00 am or so, I played games on my phone, watched tv and went to doctor’s appointment; a lot of doctor appointments. I took extremely little care for myself or my home. My husband took on 98% of all responsibilities; laundry, food shopping, caring for our dogs, cleaning the house, dishes and driving me to all my appointments. My social life dwindled to almost nothing. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, unhealthy, lonely, and very unhealthy.

At a very low point, my massage therapist recommended I meet and work with LisaMarie of Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC. After my consult with LisaMarie, I started on a journey of wellness with her. I was not the most compliant person; not even close. As difficult as I was at times, though, LisaMarie never gave up on me. She has been a consistent source of knowledge, support, guidance and motivation for my well-being. She believed in me when I did not, and she continues to show me the way.

From where I was to where I am: not only do I drive myself around now, but I took my first flight in my entire life by myself and flew across the country. I help care for my home, my dogs and our property (moving from an apartment into our own home). I am building new friendships, eat healthier, lost weight, reduced a few medicines, and have more self-confidence than I have had in years. There is so much more to say, but in short, I am living life again. I still meet with LisaMarie; she is never ending in kindness, spirituality, direction, support, knowledge and her care for me.

Thank you LisaMarie for all you have done and do, and Happy Holidays to you. I am enjoying my trip so much, and look forward to seeing you when I return.                           Susan E. Baldwin                 


“My lower back pain is all gone, and most of my upper back pain is gone.  I cannot believe this.  You are amazing.”

Barb G.   

Barb arrived for her first Reiki treatment on Saturday with a Reiki client who recommended Barb try Reiki with LisaMarie to relieve Barb’s chronic back pain.  Barb was in severe back pain when she arrived; so much so she was slumped over when she walked into our office.

1/2 hour Reiki treatment.  Results: pain relieved and she was no longer slumped over. She was in disbelief.


My client who referred Barb also suffers from severe chronic back pain. She had her first Reiki treatment approximately 7 weeks ago. As reported to me:  “you have done so much for m; the pain dissipates, I stand straighter, I have more energy and feel better than I have in years.”

Holly M. 


I met LisaMarie at a wellness event, and decided to give Reiki a try.

In one phrase…..change for the better.

LisaMarie and Reiki opened doors of opportunity in my personal growth.  LIsaMarie’ s sessions are so calming and effective.  I had been suffering from an unexplainable abdominal pain that was waking me up at night.  Several days after one treatment, the pain had completely gone away.

LisaMarie has an ability to locate areas that are in need of her positive energy without any instruction as to them.  Her spiritual guidance and calming voice lulls you into a complete relaxed state.

 LisaMarie is a wonderful healer and I always leave a session feeling refreshed, clearer, happier, and just plain healthier.

                                                                                Carolyn C.    


“Lisamarie and her unique combination of skill sets was exactly what I needed in my life.

I went to Lisamarie because I needed someone who not only provided heartfelt, to the point counseling, but also understood soul connections and how they influence our life and decisions.

I met Lisamarie during the lowest and most challenging part of my life. But, her unique knowledge and combination of spirituality and counseling not only helped me make my way out of this dark cloud, but also into my happiest and rewarding life.

I not only recommend Lisamarie to my friends and family, but I have sent many of my own clients to her as well.

I highly recommend her without reservation.”                      Ashley S.       


“LisaMarie is one of the most Personable Caring Professionals that I’ve had the Honor to work with. Her ability to educate the Public on Health and Wellness concerns is unmatched in Her industry.”   J. Kriss       


“Wow, I have been in and out of therapy for years, but I have progressed more in these past two months than I have with all the therapy combined.”                                                                                       C. M.     


“Hello LisaMarie,

I took your advice and things are going really well. I had the best Thanksgiving I’ve had in years. Thanks for everything!



LisaMarie is a gifted Reiki Master and has the heart of an angel. I cannot express in words the gratitude I have for all the help she has given me in various areas of my life. She is wise, loving and has the gift of prophecy. She also helped with my bereavement process as one of her many gifts is channeling messages from deceased loved ones. You will not be disappointed, and you will be blessed to have time with this very talented and lovely woman.    Karen Wallo 


Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce you to my friend LisaMarie Tersigni. She is a credentialed Holistic Health Counselor, Nutrition Coach, and Reiki Master/Teacher.

I met LisaMarie several years ago at a social event and found her to be easy to approach and friendly. She is a smart, sincere person who is passionate about her role as a healer and teacher.

LisaMarie is the founder and owner of Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC, a company based in Albany, whose purpose is to be an integral resource to those who wish to heal from illness, address health and weight concerns and achieve optimal wellness. She does this by partnering with her clients to create holistic, empowering customized programs that enable them to become experts in their own health, building foundations of sustainable, life long wellness, peace and happiness.

Inspiring Wellness Solutions’ services include counseling, nutrition education & coaching, healing arts, including massage and Reiki, and fitness programs for individuals, groups and corporations.

I have counseled with LisaMarie and found her to be insightful and empathic, and have received Reiki treatments from her that are relaxing and healing. Working with her has been helpful to me in my efforts to overcome advanced Lyme Disease.

To learn more about what LisaMarie and her group have to offer, please check out the information and testimonials on her website, www.inspiringwellnesssolutions.com. You can also call her at 518-880-6707.

Best Wishes for Your Health and Happiness, Sybil     Dr. Sybil A.        

LisaMarie, A note to let you know I went to my physician on January 13 and learned my blood pressure was 120/76 and my cholesterol was down to 175. As you know, before your healthy nutrition guidance, my cholesterol was 235, and I was taking Lipitor.

In two months’ time, I took myself off Lipitor, lost 15 pounds and was down two pant sizes! I never thought I would see a size 34 inch waist again. Thank you for showing me how easy it is to make heathy choices and to eat well. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I do not crave the foods I used to eat, and I feel good.           M. A. Bold

My entire life I have struggled with a poor self-i-mage; disliking my body; feeling that .Ilfe had a 1ot more to offer, but not knowing just quite how to get there. My journey with LisaMarie opened up so many new doors for me.

I feel now that I am worthy, because I believe in myself I feel fantastic!

My energy level has soared, I am happy, smiling, and feel like others see this in me now tool I have lost (and continue to lose) weight.

LIsaMarie created an environment that was loving and non-judgmental; offering support and guidance whenever needed- I couldn’t have done 1t atone.

LisaMarie is a gift.

I am a better person after having worked with her- I love my life; and it’s getting better every day!

Thank you, LisaMarie, words alone cannot express my gratitude!

Stephanie C.        

When I first decided to take control of my health I was honestly at a loss. I knew I needed to do something, but I had no idea where to start. I tried counting calories, because of course counting calories would make me healthy. Needless to say, I did not get healthier. I was even more unhappy and even gained weight.

I don’t remember how I found LisaMarie; I think it started with a Google search. I am SO glad I made the call and set up my consultation. Over the course of the next few months, I was completely transformed inside and out. I really felt as though LisaMarie was personally invested in me; she was so supportive and encouraging. I am off almost all of my medications and supplements, I am down 15 pounds, and best of all I am truly happy and healthy.

I think of the most important things I learned, and what is missing from “dieting”, is to LOVE food. The key is to love the right foods. I do not count calories and very rarely weigh myself. I eat when I’m hungry and I eat good, whole food.

I have experienced countless benefits: weight loss, increase in energy, significantly decreased health issues, and reduction in daily medications. I am wearing more colorful clothing (I used to wear predominantly black), getting out of bed excited to see what the day brings, and am more honest with others and myself. But the most valuable thing I learned is to love and respect myself and my body. I have never before felt so confident and full of life. When you treat yourself with love and respect and nourish your body, it is truly amazing the person you can become.

Stephanie Kogler   

I sought LisaMarie at an incredibly low and confusing point in my life.

Through her wisdom and healing spirit she was able to guide me as I
navigated this troublesome period. Beyond that, and believe me this was no
mean feat, she has taught me ways to cope with issues that will truly last a
lifetime and possibly into other lifetimes.

This mere testimonial cannot truly describe what it is that she does, you would have to experience that yourself.

While my crisis has abated, thanks to her hard work and mine; make no
mistake, Lisamarie is a teacher, empath and spiritual guidepost, you are
ultimately responsible for your work toward healing. But with her touch and care,
life will reveal itself as precious and joyful.

I am looking forward to her presence going forward as I see what this adventure brings.                                               Paul H.    

In June 2011 I was diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer, a rare form of cancer; stage IV. The diagnosis followed two (2) years of diarrhea and numerous medical examinations and tests.

At the time of diagnosis I was put on a treatment plan of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. I had a thyroidectomy, right neck dissection, thoracic surgery and extensive radiation to the neck and chest. This treatment plan resulted in me suffering from medium grade chronic pain, sleeplessness, low appetite, weight loss, low energy and a low concentration level.

In accordance with the advice from my medical team, I reached out to a hospital nutritionist in early 2014. Upon following her nutrition advice, I became ill with diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss and my calcitonin levels skyrocketed to 1200 points!

In March 2014, my wife and I reached out to LisaMarie Tersigni at Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC. After a consult with LisaMarie we decided to work with her to see if I could stop losing weight, rebuild my immune system and receive a better quality of life.

She customized a program for me and within the first week I was already feeling better. My moods were elevated, I had more energy than I had in a long time and I was able to go out of the house for extended periods; up to 6 hours one day without crashing.   The overall benefits I received from working with LisaMarie are:

  1. more stamina
  2. able to take more trips out of the house
  3. weight stable
  4. no diarrhea since starting the program
  5. actually ate a second helping at dinner: that was a first in a long tme
  6. sit outside for fresh air a little more
  7. more energetic and more steady
  8. elevated mood
  9. Cat Scan and MRI show no new growth of tumors
  10. My calcitonin levels are close to flat at 75 points     **That is amazing!**

In short, I feel better than I have in a very long time. LisaMarie is very knowledgeable, caring, supportive and will do all she can to help you be healthy and live the best quality of life possible. My wife and I are glad we reached out to her, and we believe you will be too.

Sincerely,  Brian Maloney      

In 2014 I met LisaMarie where she was the main speaker of a wellness/vegetarian seminar in Connecticut. I mentioned to her, I was taking fish oil for the Omega 3 benefits and heard it would improve my vision. LisaMarie suggested including flax seed into my diet. After following her recommendation for 6 months I noticed my vision improving. I went for my annual eye check up to verify my belief. My optometrist verified my vision improvements and said that using glasses are now optional. This was important since I commute 4 hours daily. This week had my annual with even more improvement. My vision is 20/25 and 20/30 at age 58.  Thanks Lisa-Marie !                Mark Floryan   

LisaMarie is a fantastic wellness and life coach. She is the total package. She takes in to consideration each individual clients’ lifestyle, goals and needs.

She helped me to change my life in ways I didn’t even expect. She not only helped me to address my weight and health concerns, she helped me to become a happier person.                          Megan D.     


You changed my life. Thank you.”

“LisaMarie changed my life. I thought I would have to stay unhealthy and

unmotivated for the rest of my life. I could not fathom taking more time

to take care of myself when I was barely getting by taking care of my


In meeting with LisaMarie I discovered that taking care of myself

actually makes the time I spend with my family better. I learned to cook

(huge difference as previously I never sautéed anything), I learned to be

brave and go to exercise classes and realized how much I enjoy moving and

exerting myself when it is fun like a dance class or weight class. I

dislike the gym but I like the community of classes.

LisaMarie helped me to discover how to make this all work. I dropped 3 pants sizes and often

get compliments from co-workers about how much weight I have lost. My

husband told me he can tell I am smaller because he can hug me and his

hands meet.

I am on a good path because I have gotten to the root of why I

previously avoided taking care of myself. Thank you LisaMarie.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Amy W.     


I have a deep respect and belief in what LisaMarie teaches and promotes in everything related to health and wellness.  I will admit I was a bit skeptical in how much of an impact I thought an aromatherapy session might have on helping me to relax and heal. I had a very rotated and painful lower back and before I had the opportunity to get a chiropractic treatment, I sought an aromatherapy session from LisaMarie.

In addition to using pure essential oils, she incorporated Reiki in my treatment.  My tight lower back muscles began to slowly relax, and by the time my session was complete I felt glorious relief, my muscles had finally released and my range of motion was almost back to normal.  (I went on to run 8 miles after my session.)

LisaMarie concluded my treatment with intuit messages that elevated my session from merely clinical to profoundly personal; resonating from deep within.

I would urge anyone seeking pain cessation, relaxation, a spiritual journey, and/or health and well-being to meet with LisaMarie.  She transcends conventional trampled “medicines” and treats from a platform of love and kindness.

Stephanie Capone             

LisaMarie, a note to let you know I went to my physician on January 13 and learned my blood pressure was 120/76 and my cholesterol was down to 175.  As you know, before your healthy nutrition guidance, my cholesterol was 235, and I was taking Lipitor.  In two months’ time I took myself off Lipitor, lost 15 pounds and was down two pain sizes!  I never thought I would see a size 34 inch waist again.  Thank you for showing me how easy it is to make healthy choices and to eat well.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I do not crave the foods I used to eat, and I feel good.

Mark A. Bold

“LisaMarie, please know the knowledge you have given all of us has been incredibly life changing! My daughter is eating much better and my son is making subtle changes–I have lost some weight, and for that I am thankful to you and all you know in your field. You have been so accommodating, and knowledgeable I can’t begin to tell you what a gift you are to your field of work!”

Tracy F.

“I had an amazing healing treatment from Reiki Master and Holistic Health Counselor, LisaMarie. It was so therapeutic and healing that I fell asleep for a time..(that has never happened to me during any treatment in my life.) Afterwards my back pain was gone! Thank you, LisaMarie..You are a phenomenal healer and woman! Upstate New York if you would like healing/counselling about just about anything (physical, mental, spiritual or emotional) contact LisaMarie she is Wonderful!!” ~Karen W.