The Collective

A community of healing.

Events of the past several years have been stressful, anxiety-producing, and traumatic for many, causing a collective vulnerability within our inner circles, within our communities, and especially within ourselves. People are feeling defeated, disconnected, exhausted, ungrounded, and even stagnant.

If you are feeling any, or all of these emotions, and are willing to let go to feel more grounded, balanced, and loved, then you are ready to join The Collective’s healing journey.

The Collective is:

· A counseling, spiritual awakening, and solution-oriented journey that will support you to heal holistically, be guided to honor yourself, and step onto a life path that is peaceful, joyous, and nourishing to your mind, body, and soul.

· A community of peace and comfort, love and connection where you will be heard, not judged, and where you will be supported in restoration, growth, awakening, self-love, and holistic healing.

· A place to build comradery and a sense of community as each participant collectively and individually heals, and grows into the best versions of themselves.

Love, Awakening, Soul, and Solution mindset.

· Self-Love and Appreciation

· Spiritual Awareness/awakening

· Increased morale and confidence

· Mind * Body * Soul * Emotional healing

· Connecting to your Soul

· Source/Higher Knowledge/God

We will run two classes this summer.

Tuesday’s class dates:
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm 

July 5 and 19              
August 2, 16 and 30
September 13
Saturday’s class details:
9:30 am to 11:30 am

July 9 and 23
August 6 and 20
September 3 and 17
12 hours of enlightening and inspiring messaging, building community and making new friends.

Class Tuition: $295.00  

Payment:  Cash, Check Credit/PayPal     

Provide your name and your class session preference (Tuesdays or Saturdays).   
Registration Deadline: July 3rd.

Early Bird Special: Register by June 20th and receive a special gift.

Note:  These classes are expected to fill quickly.          

I am excited to start this spiritual awakening, community building, and healing journey with you!

– LisaMarie