About Us

Recovering the lost art of tranquility, connection, healing and clarity!

Mission: To be a safe haven. To provide our clients with the education, tools, strength and support to become an expert in their own health; allowing them to experience a lifetime of great physical and mental health, self-love, peace and overall wellbeing.

Vision: To create a healthier and more peaceful world.

True healing involves an understanding of the inter-connected relationship between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each individual. Holistic health is focused on the relationship between these four aspects and the role each play in the development of stress, anxiety, depression and physical health problems. Through understanding of the connectedness, and addressing all aspects, true healing will occur in ways often not thought possible.

Dedicated to helping you live a life of strength, energy, peace, joy and wellness.

Would you like to prevent disease, reverse disease, heal from emotional scars, racing thoughts, anxiety, depression, have clarity, lose weight, or simply learn to relax without substances/medications? I will do my utmost to assist you in living a life of good health and peace.

Celebrating 10 Years!
God enters by a private door into each individual.”  
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Greetings to you on this lovely fall day,
To me, there is something so very majestic about the weeping willow tree.  It exudes a peaceful, loving, and gentle energy as it stands strong, and deeply rooted in its conviction of graceful longevity withstanding nature’s harshness.
As the branches of the willow tree gracefully sway freely without resistance when the windy storms rip through them, let us be reminded to be non-resistant to disturbances thrust upon us. In non-resistance we will have tranquility, and in this state of calmness, we will best know how to proceed with the challenges we have upon us. In moments of peace, we have the opportunity to reflect, learn more about ourselves, and hear the guidance of our higher self, and perhaps the voice of Source/God/Love.
September (2022) marked Inspiring Wellness Solutions’ (IWS) tenth year as a counseling, holistic wellness, and healing practice. Within these ten years, IWS and I, like many of you, experienced winds of opposition. In the moments of peace, however, came the moments of clarity. And among the challenges have been a plethora of beautiful blessings. Among the most significant blessings is the meeting of you and being a part of your wellness & healing journey.  Much gratitude to you, to my God & Angels, and to all who has made this calling a blessing.
In celebration and appreciation, IWS is offering two complementary events this fall. 

In peace, love, and healing,
Thursday, November 3
6 – 8 pm
Enriching your Body with healthy & healing mushrooms.
Avery Stempel from Collar City Mushrooms will teach us about the meaty, tasty, mineral-rich varied strains of mushrooms, and how they act as warriors for our health. In addition, he will discuss how easy it is to prepare scrumptious mushroom holiday meals.

Thursday, November 17
6:15 to 8:15 pm
Evening of Spiritual Counseling & Guidance
An open forum for participants seeking spiritual guidance, and healing, within a group setting.

*Seating is limited. 
Reserve your seat by sending an email to iwshealing@gmail.com 
State the event you are interested in. You will receive an email confirmation.