Just Do You!

I was struck by a recent social media post in which the author of the article presented pictures of two women of vastly different cultures, and age (106, 81) and presented a comparison of these two women referencing beauty and aging.  This author expressed the visceral reaction she had when she saw one of the women posed in a glamour shot, and she seemingly pitted one woman against the other in her comparison, with a taint of a jab at the younger of the two for her choice to express herself in the way she did.  

Why would this article prompt me to write this blog?  A large part of my life’s mission is teaching & guiding men and women to embrace their uniqueness, to heal, to love themselves unconditionally, and step out into the world free from concern for what others may think of them. How one chooses to age, dress, present, and carry themselves is a unique expression of their individuality. We are not meant to be carbon copies, and beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. 

Beauty is a combination of qualities that please the aesthetic senses, particularly sight.   It is subjective and cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful may not appeal to another.  What one finds physically attractive, interesting, or appealing in one way, someone else may find non-attractive, boring, or uninteresting.

Living authentically means being true to yourself, and oftentimes it takes confidence, and bravery. Those who are more authentic allow themselves to be guided internally versus externally. They explore their own beliefs, ideals, and standards, and are guided by their internal compass. Authentic people search for, and discover their own unique way of pursuing their passions and purpose. 

Living authentically is liberating. When one feels whole, complete, and healthy, they will not concern themselves with other people’s opinions of them, nor will they feel threatened by others. They are not concerned with standards or perceived standards of what they should or should not look like……..at any age. 

Several facts about confident and genuine people are: 

They are not judgmental.  Being honest about their own faults, embracing individuality and differences, they do not view people through a lens of bias or perceived expectations. This provides a platform for acceptance regardless of distinctness. 

They have solid self-esteem.  Their self-esteem is neither too high, nor too low; it is stable.  As a result, authentic people tolerate and absorb both positive and negative feedback, admit their faults, and are therefore accepting of others because they are not threatened by imperfection.    

They do not diminish others.  They can have more open and honest conversations without the need to diminish someone else’s sense of self-worth. 

It is misguided to leverage oneself against another.  Your uniqueness is special. 

Reveal in it.  

If you are not feeling pure self-acceptance, self-love, and the confidence to let your light shine in only the way you can, reach out to me.  I will guide you to heal and fall in love with yourself, unashamedly.   

Freedom lies in letting go of judgment of oneself and others. 

Just Do You! 


New Happenings

Did you know May is known as the month of transition? Blooming flowers, birds chirping, picnics, aroma of the new life surrounding us, and a taste of upcoming summer days on our tongues simply fills me with joy and adds a spring to my step. I do hope you are enjoying this beautiful awakening after a very snowy winter.  

Inspiring Wellness Solutions is experiencing exciting transition this spring too! 

I am delighted to have Anna Mae, Erika, and Jordan join me this spring. They are young women with beautiful souls, and certainly an asset in expanding my mission of bringing wellness, love and healing to all those that seek care at Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC. To learn more about each of these women, please visit our About Us page.

More changes? Yes, indeed! Summer of 2023 brings with it new office hours, more weddings to officiate (so honored to celebrate the beautiful love and connection between very special couples), and the introduction of a new class which will be rolled out this September.  

I am feel so honored to be a part of your wellness journey. 

This spring, summer and fall is filled with many celebratory events for me personally, as well. I am blessed, pumped, and ready to roll.  

Light, love, wellness & juicy watermelon to you! 


This September, we will take a spiritual journey to knowing and connecting with your higher self, self-appreciation, self- love and ultimately unleashing your beautiful soul into the world.   

You were brought forth in this time & place to radiate your special light upon the world in a way only you can.  You did not come here (earth) to struggle perpetually; that is not your purpose. You came here to master life lessons, to experience wholesome self-love, to understand unconditional love, and to bring forth the best version of yourself into this world.  

This classes dual focus will help you take your newfound spiritual wisdom and love into your community creating the unity this world so needs. 

Class details and registration will be available July 1, 2023. 

“We are all just walking eachother home.” – Ram Dass


For all grooms and brides to be, I would be honored to be your wedding officiant and share your special day with you.

This spring, summer and fall (2023), I am honored to be uniting very special couples as they start their new journey together. With great warmth in my heart, I am blessed to share my love, warmth, wisdom and joyful blessings upon such couples in their union of marriage,and will be honored to officiate your wedding, too!

To learn more about my ministry, my heart, and spiritual officiating of your wedding, check out our website page, or give me a call.  I love to speak about LOVE. 

All faiths, spiritual practices, and couplehoods are welcome.

11 Ways to Move from Pain to Peace

As you may very well have experienced, emotional pain can be a deeply heart-wrenching suffering.  

Painful emotions can cause murkiness of thought, lead to harsh judgmental thoughts towards self and others, and lead you to a path of ruminating with thoughts such as ”what if”, “what is wrong with me” or “I am not enough”.  Deeply sad emotions can create physical symptoms such as chest pain, fatigue, tension, ill-stomach, and can lead to behaviors such as avoidance, withdrawal, and aggression. 

At times when you feel an internal tornado of pain, all you can think about is “how can I numb or stop this pain?  The strong desire to mitigate or kill the pain often brings you to act in unhealthy, harmful ways such as imbibing on alcohol, pharmaceuticals and/or other drugs.  Or you may overindulge by overeating, excessive shopping, binging on television or social media. Although these options may mitigate pain, they will not provide sustainable relief or healing.  What you resist often persists.  Embracing your feelings, and walking through them will help you to heal, so that you are no longer a victim of the pain. 

To change your experience when you are wrought with overwhelming emotions, you may find reframing your thoughts, being kind to yourself and changing your behavior will advance you in a positive direction.  Implementing healthier choices such as the ones listed below, may help you let go of the pain, feel peace, heal and recover more quickly. 

1.) Know you are loved and worthy

Send unconditional love to yourself, regardless of the situation at hand, and regardless of whether you believe you deserve it. Start with love. 

2.) Cry

If you feel like crying, allow yourself to cry. Suppressing your emotions may cause your body to constrict muscles, and alter your breathing. This can lead to digestive issues, headaches, and chronic pain. Release the tears. 

3.) Acceptance

If you are struggling over a miscarriage of injustice, accept that it has happened.  You cannot change that fact. Riling over the injustice may cause you to stay in emotional turmoil.  With acceptance, you can steer from the emotions that block your ability to think clearly. Clarity is key to knowing the next best steps to overcome the unjust circumstances. 

4.) Reach for thoughts of relief

If you feel intense heartache, reach for a less painful thought. As you feel some relief from the pain, reach again for another less painful thought, and continue to reach for thoughts that provide more and more relief until you find thoughts that bring you peace and comfort. 

5.) Stop carrying the past

Memories can help us learn from the past, but when we ruminate over the same stories, we create a prison within ourselves.  Stop the repetitive negative moviemaking, and turn your attention to the timeless present moment.  Hold a leaf in your hand and look at its intricate detail.  Be present with nature. Staying in the present moment will help you to become, and stay calm.  

6.) Start a new hobby

Create new healthy, fun-loving activities.  This will bring new and uplifting energy to you, and give you a sense of accomplishment and perhaps a sense of self-actualization. 

7.) Move your body

When you suffer from emotional pain, taking that first step out of bed, or off the sofa can be challenging.  Staying there, though, may exacerbate your suffering. When you move your body, your body will thank you by releasing endorphins.  Endorphins help relieve the pain and stress, and will give you a shot at happiness.   

8.) Eat healthy

Eating unhealthy comfort foods may temporarily bring you a sense of pleasure, but ultimately, you will feel annoyed or upset at yourself. This behavior perpetuates your emotional turmoil.  The gut-brain connection is real, so choose healthy meals and snacks.  Stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause and/or be the product of anxiety, stress, or depression.  I offer extensive nutritional services.

9.) Write a gratitude list

Write down everything that is good and positive in your life, and reflect on this list. It is easy to focus on what is not going well in life, but doing so zaps your energy. Reflecting on the good can give you a new perspective, and uplift your heavy heart. 

10.) Laugh

Laughter engages your body and releases the mind. It brings your vibrational level and energy up.  Allow yourself to be tickled pink, and feel how your body feels.

11.) Forgive

Forgive yourself and forgive those who have harmed you. Let go of the negative emotions, and you will feel more at peace.

Feel the warmth and beauty within you as you move from pain to peace. 

A New Way to Treat PTSD, Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

treating PTSD, head injuries

Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT) is showing promise for treating post-traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress (PTSD). MeRT could revolutionize brain-based medicine.

PTSD can stem from a variety of experiences; sexual abuse, military combat, severe car accident and other severe traumas, as well as multiple severe losses over a period of time.

PTSD is more than an emotional reaction, it actually causes changes inside the brain that make it difficult to move past the traumatic event and can lead to devasting symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and suicide. 

Therapy and drugs have helped, but often only bring the patient/client so far, therefore, what about looking at other modalities to assist and perhaps heal?

Dr. Won is the President of Wave Neuroscience, Inc; a biotechnology company that has innovated the breakthrough technology MeRT. This technology utilizes computational neuroanalytics and brain imaging to customize treatment protocols with the aim of restoring optimal neurological function.

Dr. Won’s understanding of the need for new treatment options for brain-based disorders and brain injuries is benefiting many to move forward in more positive ways in their lives, such as receiving a restful sleep and less anxiety, as an example.

You can find more information about Dr. Won through Wave Neuroscience, or through Podcasts and YouTube.