The power of mistakes

It seems more pervasive today than ever before that men and women feel they are not where they should be in their life journey.  They often carry with them a sense of heaviness, and concern that they are failing, and are behind “the 8 ball”, wondering how to catch up to where they believe they should be.  

What is remarkable is that so many of these men and women are any, or a combination of these: highly educated, talented, hardworking, industrious, gainfully employed, property owners, business owners, and kind-hearted souls who maintain healthy relations.  Regardless of these facts, they frequently feel frustrated, fearful, and sometimes hopeless.

It is important to understand that sometimes we walk a very straight path, but often we take detours.  Although these roundabout routes may seem like mistakes, they actually provide invaluable experience, which creates a portfolio of knowledge that enhances our earthly journey.  Life lessons teach us what works, and does not work, what we like and do not like, and what we truly want, and definitely do not want.   Failures can provide us with fertilizer to grow us into a healthier and better version of ourselves, and give us the tools to create the life we truly want for ourselves.  And that is priceless! 

Why is self-criticism more pervasive today?   

There was a time, not so long ago, in which social media was not a “thing”.  With the birth of social media, and the extensive use of it, insecurities crept into the minds of so many. People started pitting themselves against others based on the posts they read and the pictures they observed.  While we should never be jealous of someone else, we must also realize that much of what you see on social media is “good stuff”, and does not reflect the internal battles someone is or may be struggling with.   As in The Wizard of Oz, we do not know what is behind the curtain. 

Moreover, we do not know what the future holds.   Perhaps there is a great turn of events right around the corner, and all you have worked for, hoped for manifests in ways you could not imagine.  

Compare yourself to yourself only, as it is an effective way to mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically monitor your development & growth.   Try creating a state of  self-actualization.  Therein, you will achieve the fulfillment of your talents and potential.  

Accept and embrace where you are now, and then take steps towards your aspirations and dreams.  

Take deep breaths and release, stay focused in the present moment, and do not ruminate about the past, or fret about the future.  Do not judge yourself or others.

Most importantly:  acknowledge your achievements, as they are a big deal! 

Create the life you wish to live, and be kind to yourself along the way.  

~ LisaMarie

Just Do You!

I was struck by a recent social media post in which the author of the article presented pictures of two women of vastly different cultures, and age (106, 81) and presented a comparison of these two women referencing beauty and aging.  This author expressed the visceral reaction she had when she saw one of the women posed in a glamour shot, and she seemingly pitted one woman against the other in her comparison, with a taint of a jab at the younger of the two for her choice to express herself in the way she did.  

Why would this article prompt me to write this blog?  A large part of my life’s mission is teaching & guiding men and women to embrace their uniqueness, to heal, to love themselves unconditionally, and step out into the world free from concern for what others may think of them. How one chooses to age, dress, present, and carry themselves is a unique expression of their individuality. We are not meant to be carbon copies, and beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. 

Beauty is a combination of qualities that please the aesthetic senses, particularly sight.   It is subjective and cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful may not appeal to another.  What one finds physically attractive, interesting, or appealing in one way, someone else may find non-attractive, boring, or uninteresting.

Living authentically means being true to yourself, and oftentimes it takes confidence, and bravery. Those who are more authentic allow themselves to be guided internally versus externally. They explore their own beliefs, ideals, and standards, and are guided by their internal compass. Authentic people search for, and discover their own unique way of pursuing their passions and purpose. 

Living authentically is liberating. When one feels whole, complete, and healthy, they will not concern themselves with other people’s opinions of them, nor will they feel threatened by others. They are not concerned with standards or perceived standards of what they should or should not look like…… any age. 

Several facts about confident and genuine people are: 

They are not judgmental.  Being honest about their own faults, embracing individuality and differences, they do not view people through a lens of bias or perceived expectations. This provides a platform for acceptance regardless of distinctness. 

They have solid self-esteem.  Their self-esteem is neither too high, nor too low; it is stable.  As a result, authentic people tolerate and absorb both positive and negative feedback, admit their faults, and are therefore accepting of others because they are not threatened by imperfection.    

They do not diminish others.  They can have more open and honest conversations without the need to diminish someone else’s sense of self-worth. 

It is misguided to leverage oneself against another.  Your uniqueness is special. 

Reveal in it.  

If you are not feeling pure self-acceptance, self-love, and the confidence to let your light shine in only the way you can, reach out to me.  I will guide you to heal and fall in love with yourself, unashamedly.   

Freedom lies in letting go of judgment of oneself and others. 

Just Do You! 


Celebrating 10 years in Wellness

God enters by a private door into each individual.”  
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Greetings to you on this lovely fall day,

To me, there is something so very majestic about the weeping willow tree.  It exudes a peaceful, loving, and gentle energy as it stands strong, and deeply rooted in its conviction of graceful longevity withstanding nature’s harshness.
As the branches of the willow tree gracefully sway freely without resistance when the windy storms rip through them, let us be reminded to be non-resistant to disturbances thrust upon us. In non-resistance we will have tranquility, and in this state of calmness, we will best know how to proceed with the challenges we have upon us. In moments of peace, we have the opportunity to reflect, learn more about ourselves, and hear the guidance of our higher self, and perhaps the voice of Source/God/Love.
September (2022) marked Inspiring Wellness Solutions’ (IWS) tenth year as a counseling, holistic wellness, and healing practice. Within these ten years, IWS and I, like many of you, experienced winds of opposition. In the moments of peace, however, came the moments of clarity. And among the challenges have been a plethora of beautiful blessings. Among the most significant blessings is the meeting of you and being a part of your wellness & healing journey.  Much gratitude to you, to my God & Angels, and to all who has made this calling a blessing.
In celebration and appreciation, IWS is offering two complementary events this fall.  Check out our events page for information on these two classes.

In peace, love, and healing,

September 2022

New Happenings

Did you know May is known as the month of transition? Blooming flowers, birds chirping, picnics, aroma of the new life surrounding us, and a taste of upcoming summer days on our tongues simply fills me with joy and adds a spring to my step. I do hope you are enjoying this beautiful awakening after a very snowy winter.  

Inspiring Wellness Solutions is experiencing exciting transition this spring too! 

I am delighted to have Anna Mae, Erika, and Jordan join me this spring. They are young women with beautiful souls, and certainly an asset in expanding my mission of bringing wellness, love and healing to all those that seek care at Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC. To learn more about each of these women, please visit our About Us page.

More changes? Yes, indeed! Summer of 2023 brings with it new office hours, more weddings to officiate (so honored to celebrate the beautiful love and connection between very special couples), and the introduction of a new class which will be rolled out this September.  

I am feel so honored to be a part of your wellness journey. 

This spring, summer and fall is filled with many celebratory events for me personally, as well. I am blessed, pumped, and ready to roll.  

Light, love, wellness & juicy watermelon to you! 


This September, we will take a spiritual journey to knowing and connecting with your higher self, self-appreciation, self- love and ultimately unleashing your beautiful soul into the world.   

You were brought forth in this time & place to radiate your special light upon the world in a way only you can.  You did not come here (earth) to struggle perpetually; that is not your purpose. You came here to master life lessons, to experience wholesome self-love, to understand unconditional love, and to bring forth the best version of yourself into this world.  

This classes dual focus will help you take your newfound spiritual wisdom and love into your community creating the unity this world so needs. 

Class details and registration will be available July 1, 2023. 

“We are all just walking eachother home.” – Ram Dass


For all grooms and brides to be, I would be honored to be your wedding officiant and share your special day with you.

This spring, summer and fall (2023), I am honored to be uniting very special couples as they start their new journey together. With great warmth in my heart, I am blessed to share my love, warmth, wisdom and joyful blessings upon such couples in their union of marriage,and will be honored to officiate your wedding, too!

To learn more about my ministry, my heart, and spiritual officiating of your wedding, check out our website page, or give me a call.  I love to speak about LOVE. 

All faiths, spiritual practices, and couplehoods are welcome.

A Path to Ending Addiction with Reiki Healing

When we think about addiction, we often think about substance abuse, such as the abuse of alcohol or other drugs (prescribed or illicit) or nicotine. It is understandable our mind first travels to substance abuse due to prevalence of it in the United States.  According to the National Survey on Drug Use and health, 19.7 million American adults (age 12 and older) battled a substance disorder in 2017.  In addition to substance abuse, there are process addictions that also seriously afflict people’s lives.  Process addictions are addictions to mood-altering behaviors such as gambling, work, shopping, sex, exercise, social media, pornography, disordered food, video game, internet/technology and eating disorders.  

Addictions are disorders characterized by a compulsive behavior that provide stimuli, often imminent, despite the adverse consequences that will subsequently occur.  Typically, there are psychosocial and biological factors at play.  Some scholars who study addiction believe addiction is a brain disease, but other scholars dispute the brain disease model as they feel it is incomplete and misleading.  What we do know conclusively is addiction can enslave the addicted person physically and psychologically and create havoc in their personal and professional lives. 

Reiki’s unique and powerful healing qualities

Reiki is a centuries-old practice of warm, loving energy that heals imbalances, disturbances and illness within the body and mind. Reiki’s intelligence always goes to the root cause of the issue, and its unique and powerful healing qualities can assist in decreasing, and often ending harmful addictions by providing mental, emotional, and physical healing. The mental and emotional psychological components are the underlying source of all addictions, and need to be healed for addictions to sustainably end. Healing from addiction is possible, but if a person does not heal mentally and emotionally, it is highly probable they will resume with addictive behaviors.  Reiki energy helps “pull-out” all which harms, and provides the goodness of balance, comfort, restoration of health, and healing. 

Healing Guilt, Embarrassment and Shame 

Guilt, Embarrassment and Shame often accompany addictions. Frequently addictive behaviors cause severe loss: loss of time, financial security, friendships, family, opportunities, and health.  These losses can leave a person feeling regretful, embarrassed, and guilty.  An abundance of understanding, acceptance and healing is needed to release these negative feelings, to embrace self-appreciation, learn self-love, and create self-esteem.  A heart-centered, experienced Reiki Master/Practitioner can be a trusted source and safe haven for a person fighting an addiction. Providing a confidential, non-judgmental, understanding, and compassionate approach provides the client a place to rest and feel at peace.  It may have been a long time since, or perhaps the first time, a client has felt unconditionally loved and accepted.  Reiki energy provides warm acceptance, and deep healing. The Reiki practitioner provides patience, guidance, and comfort.  A winning holistic combo that assuredly helps the addicted to heal mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We offer Reiki sessions at Inspiring Wellness Solutions.

Reiki is a gift of new and abundant life.

Reiki energy and love provide a beautiful path to a new mindset, healing, acceptance, and wholeness.  The client feels hope, and for the first time in a long time (if ever) builds courage and strength to move forward, leaving the addictive behavior in the past.  

Addictions can be eliminated

Healing from addiction, life can become positively abundant through the balancing, loving Reiki energy through the hands of a compassionate Reiki Master/Practitioner. 

LisaMarie Tersigni studied traditional Usui Reiki. She has treated 100’s of clients and has taught Reiki for over twenty years. She had the distinguished honor of participating as a Reiki Research Professional with the Center for Reiki Research Harvard University. 

LisaMarie is a counselor, functional wellness practitioner and Reiki Master with an array of wellness services in her portfolio. Her practice is located in downtown Troy, NY, and includes counseling, past-life regression treatments, holistic wellbeing, nutrition, weight management, Reiki treatments & education, spiritual wisdom & guidance, aromatherapy and healing.  To learn more about LisaMarie: 

11 Ways to Move from Pain to Peace

As you may very well have experienced, emotional pain can be a deeply heart-wrenching suffering.  

Painful emotions can cause murkiness of thought, lead to harsh judgmental thoughts towards self and others, and lead you to a path of ruminating with thoughts such as ”what if”, “what is wrong with me” or “I am not enough”.  Deeply sad emotions can create physical symptoms such as chest pain, fatigue, tension, ill-stomach, and can lead to behaviors such as avoidance, withdrawal, and aggression. 

At times when you feel an internal tornado of pain, all you can think about is “how can I numb or stop this pain?  The strong desire to mitigate or kill the pain often brings you to act in unhealthy, harmful ways such as imbibing on alcohol, pharmaceuticals and/or other drugs.  Or you may overindulge by overeating, excessive shopping, binging on television or social media. Although these options may mitigate pain, they will not provide sustainable relief or healing.  What you resist often persists.  Embracing your feelings, and walking through them will help you to heal, so that you are no longer a victim of the pain. 

To change your experience when you are wrought with overwhelming emotions, you may find reframing your thoughts, being kind to yourself and changing your behavior will advance you in a positive direction.  Implementing healthier choices such as the ones listed below, may help you let go of the pain, feel peace, heal and recover more quickly. 

1.) Know you are loved and worthy

Send unconditional love to yourself, regardless of the situation at hand, and regardless of whether you believe you deserve it. Start with love. 

2.) Cry

If you feel like crying, allow yourself to cry. Suppressing your emotions may cause your body to constrict muscles, and alter your breathing. This can lead to digestive issues, headaches, and chronic pain. Release the tears. 

3.) Acceptance

If you are struggling over a miscarriage of injustice, accept that it has happened.  You cannot change that fact. Riling over the injustice may cause you to stay in emotional turmoil.  With acceptance, you can steer from the emotions that block your ability to think clearly. Clarity is key to knowing the next best steps to overcome the unjust circumstances. 

4.) Reach for thoughts of relief

If you feel intense heartache, reach for a less painful thought. As you feel some relief from the pain, reach again for another less painful thought, and continue to reach for thoughts that provide more and more relief until you find thoughts that bring you peace and comfort. 

5.) Stop carrying the past

Memories can help us learn from the past, but when we ruminate over the same stories, we create a prison within ourselves.  Stop the repetitive negative moviemaking, and turn your attention to the timeless present moment.  Hold a leaf in your hand and look at its intricate detail.  Be present with nature. Staying in the present moment will help you to become, and stay calm.  

6.) Start a new hobby

Create new healthy, fun-loving activities.  This will bring new and uplifting energy to you, and give you a sense of accomplishment and perhaps a sense of self-actualization. 

7.) Move your body

When you suffer from emotional pain, taking that first step out of bed, or off the sofa can be challenging.  Staying there, though, may exacerbate your suffering. When you move your body, your body will thank you by releasing endorphins.  Endorphins help relieve the pain and stress, and will give you a shot at happiness.   

8.) Eat healthy

Eating unhealthy comfort foods may temporarily bring you a sense of pleasure, but ultimately, you will feel annoyed or upset at yourself. This behavior perpetuates your emotional turmoil.  The gut-brain connection is real, so choose healthy meals and snacks.  Stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause and/or be the product of anxiety, stress, or depression.  I offer extensive nutritional services.

9.) Write a gratitude list

Write down everything that is good and positive in your life, and reflect on this list. It is easy to focus on what is not going well in life, but doing so zaps your energy. Reflecting on the good can give you a new perspective, and uplift your heavy heart. 

10.) Laugh

Laughter engages your body and releases the mind. It brings your vibrational level and energy up.  Allow yourself to be tickled pink, and feel how your body feels.

11.) Forgive

Forgive yourself and forgive those who have harmed you. Let go of the negative emotions, and you will feel more at peace.

Feel the warmth and beauty within you as you move from pain to peace. 

Maneuvering Life’s Curveball and Challenges


As pro-baseball pitchers know, a curve ball can be a great weapon in their pitching arsenal. Curve balls leave the batter guessing, often resulting in putaway pitches, more strikeouts and shorter innings. Baseball fans, players, and those in the world of baseball expect to see and look forward to favorite pitchers dishing out those forward spinning balls.

Outside of the game of baseball though, we are taken aback and often shaken by life’s curveballs. These unexpected events often bring forth challenges, obstacles and sometimes a sense of exhaustion and defeat. When we are faced with life’s curveballs, or life’s challenges, what can we do to gracefully maneuver and supersede these encumbrances? Recognizing that challenges and obstacles are a part of the journey called life and understanding that some of the world’s most talented, well-known, and successful people overcame the greatest of trials and tribulations, may give you the steam to keep moving forward in the wake of your circumstances.

Don’t resist!

Resisting the current state of affairs that were sprung upon you may cause you emotional pain, anger, and confusion. These negative emotions may block your ability to think clearly and prevent you from creating a healthy path forward. When we acknowledge and accept that an undesirable situation has occurred, we start the process that will allow us inner peace and clarity of thought.

Try not to push the fear, frustration and anger away, as it will rebound like a boomerang. Instead, give yourself grace and allow it to wash through you. Your willingness to be present with these feelings are key to their dissipation. With this peace of heart and clarity of mind, we will best prepared to resolve, recover and forge ahead on a more fulfilling journey. Remember, even a stamp takes a licking before it reaches its destination.

Never give up, move forward with renewed strength, stayed focused and you will create the most favorable outcome.

Knock that curveball right out of the park! Peace, love and great health to you!


Celebrating 8 Years in Business! A letter from LisaMarie

LisaMarie C. Tersigni

In September of 2020, I celebrate my company Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC’s eighth year offering its unique services to our clients (regionally and across the United States), the community, local and national organizations.  I can not be more thrilled to be a part of the Capital District community and to house my wellness practice in the beautiful urban setting of Troy, New York. 

Prior to founding my holistic wellness practice, Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC, (IWS) in September 2012, I worked in the healthcare field for 22 years. My experience covered the spectrum of occupational health (injuries), group health plans (illness & wellness) and managed care programs (assuring appropriate care).   

Guided by my spirit to create a wellness practice that teaches holistic and natural wellness, empowers others to step into their totality of wellbeing, and provide the tools and personal hands-on support, I founded IWS. I am called a healer by many, and although I love that title, the truth is, I participate in my clients’ healing, but I am not the sole source of it.   

Building on my education and 22 years of healthcare experience, I enrolled, studied, and expanded my knowledge in a myriad of fields, such as: cognitive behavior counseling, nutrition, past-life regression treatments/guidance, and aromatherapy.  Prior to founding IWS, I had already studied and became a Reiki Master and teacher. At the time of my Reiki training (20 years ago), Reiki students studied under a Reiki Master which included a syllabus of reading materials, writing papers, attunements, practical’s, and experience working with clients. As a respected and experienced Reiki Master, I was offered the opportunity to participate as a Reiki Research Professional through a cooperative partnership between the Center for Reiki Research and Harvard University.   

Driven by the joy I see within my clients as they speak their truth, become a force in their well-being, and achieve their goals (physical, emotional & spiritual wellness, life, business) I become increasingly dedicated and committed to serve and provide opportunities of wellness for many.

The last eight years have been filled with wonderful experiences, such as writing a health column for Latino New York newspaper, hosting ‘Tune in to Wellness’ television show,  speaking as a key-note speaker for a women’s cancer retreat, teaching at local community events and for national organizations; to name a few. For additional fun, I officiate weddings filled with love and laughter.

Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC is a heart-centered, passion-filled home of holistic wellness for those who are ready to be heard, loved unconditionally, heal, and create their life of comfort, good health, and happiness.

I look forward to meeting you, learning about you, and co-creating the most appropriate avenues of wellness for you.  

Yours in peace, joy, and great health,


LisaMarie C. Tersigni
September 2020

Cannabis: A Potential Resolution for Covid-19 Infection

Canadian scientists at the University of Lethbridge have preliminary evidence that cannabis may block COVID-19 infection. At this time, this is only a test-tube study, but the results look promising as they indicate that certain cannabis strains can reduce by 73% the receptor ACE2 (receptor the virus uses to enter cells). This means the chance of getting infected is much lower.

At this time, the researchers have not identified what the ideal ratio is of THC to CBD, or if the active ingredient is CBD or a combination of other cannabis components.

In addition to the Canadians, Israeli researchers at Tel Aviv University have started research in patients to determine whether CBD can be used as a treatment to repair damage to cells caused by COVID-19. The basis for the studies is the known anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. One of the studies uses new cell technology to deliver the CBD directly into damaged cells by inhalation. Another study is combining steroids and CBD to see if the combination is superior to steroids alone to treat the inflammation that becomes out of control, killing patients.

In addition, another study, at the Israel Institute of Technology, is looking at terpenes, another component of cannabis. In previous research related to the epidemic of SARS in 2002, it was discovered that when specific terpenes came into contact with the SARS virus, they were found to reduce its severity, both in the test tube and in human studies. The mode of action involved the withholding of a certain protein that replicates the RNA. The formulation currently being studied is for inhalation.

Although this research is new, the potential of cannabis to prevent and treat COVID-19 is powerful, and will be added to the long list of known benefits of cannabis in healthcare.

The Covid-19 Crisis May Trigger Emotions from Past Trauma

Credit to: Seth J. Gillihan, PhD, Clinical psychologist April 07, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis and social distancing wear on, we’re facing a collective trauma. Every day we hear news about the rapid spread of the virus, the latest death counts, and tragic stories of suffering and loss. If the virus hasn’t already affected us personally, we worry for our own safety and for our loved ones. These threats can feel unpredictable and uncontrollable—the signature of traumatic events.

You may be experiencing symptoms of stress and trauma right now as a result—things like disrupted sleep, feeling on edge all the time, and stronger emotional reactions than you’re used to. I was surprised in a recent interview to find myself struggling through tears to talk about my concerns for a family member on the front lines of treating COVID-19.

Many of us are finding comfort in knowing that we’re all in this together. And yet, we’re not experiencing these conditions in exactly the same way—each of us is responding based on our unique histories, strengths, and vulnerabilities.

Past traumas may have an especially powerful effect on our reactions to this pandemic. If you’re a survivor of medical trauma, for example, it may have echoes of a life-threatening illness or injury that you or a loved one faced. In fact, the fear and uncertainty we face from COVID-19 can be a trigger for any kind of previous trauma, such as accidents, assaults, or abuse—any horrifying event that you experienced as unpredictable and uncontrollable.

If you have a history of trauma and you’ve been surprised by the intensity of your reactions to the coronavirus pandemic, you may be experiencing a reactivation of your past trauma, as indicated by the following seven signs. Please note that many of these experiences are understandable reactions to current events, and they don’t necessarily suggest that a previous trauma is being triggered.

Intrusive Memories

Memories of your past trauma may come to you out of the blue when you’re least expecting it. You might be watching TV, for example, when a scene from your trauma suddenly pops into your head, along with a jolt of emotion. The memories might be quite vivid and intense, to the point of being a flashback in which it feels like the trauma is happening all over again. The memories can intrude at night, too, in the form of bad dreams or nightmares.

Problems with Sleep

Nighttime in general may be especially hard, with or without bad dreams. You might feel increasingly unsafe as darkness descends, and you may have trouble falling asleep, or wake up often throughout the night. Perhaps you dread going to bed because you know you’ll face insomnia, or will have nightmares if you do fall asleep. You might also experience a shift in your sleep schedule, staying up till the wee hours of the morning and then sleeping well into the day.

Being Constantly on Guard

The current sense of threat that pervades our society can trigger other times you’ve felt unsafe. Perhaps you find yourself glued to the news as you monitor the current level of threat, or you have a more general feeling of impending doom. You might feel like you’re keeping watch for danger all the time and constantly bracing yourself for the worst. Your nervous system’s alarm is constantly on, and you can’t relax. You even feel it in your body—tightness in your shoulders, knots in your stomach, clenching your jaw.

Difficult Emotions

Stress and trauma can also bring up the feelings you had after a previous trauma, like being more easily upset, crying more often, or feeling hopeless. Fear reactions are common, too, like a general sense of anxiety that’s hard to shake, or being easily startled by loud noises. Guilt and shame are also common, including feeling ashamed of having a hard time coping right now. You might also feel cut off from positive emotions, like it’s hard to feel joy even when something goes well.

Feeling Numb

You might even feel cut off from your emotions altogether—unable to feel the highs or the lows. Some people describe it as feeling “wooden” or “dead inside.” The numbness can extend to your relationships, as well, as you feel cut off from others and unable to receive the support you need at this time. It might be hard to muster any interest or enthusiasm in your normal activities, like finding it nearly impossible to exercise, get engaged with a book, or lose yourself in a movie.


Reactivated trauma can lead to avoiding things that trigger upsetting feelings, like trying to ignore the news about COVID-19 or working hard to push away memories of your trauma. These reactions are easy to understand as self-protective measures to avoid overwhelming emotions. At the same time, avoiding trauma triggers can prevent you from working through those painful experiences.

Negative Thoughts

The current crisis might be triggering trauma-related changes in the way you see things. You may have a more negative view of the world, seeing danger everywhere. You might see other people differently, too, like thinking that no one can be trusted or that everyone is just looking out for their selfish interests. Your self-perceptions may have changed, as well, as you see yourself as weak, inadequate, defective, or damaged.     

If you’re struggling with some of these reactions, start by knowing that you are not in any way weak or defective. This is an extremely difficult time, and these are all normal reactions to an overwhelming situation.

Also keep in mind that you’re probably dealing with the additional challenge of being cut off from many of the supports and ways of coping that are so important as we face current traumas and heal from past ones. For example, social distancing might make it harder to get comfort from the people close to you, and you probably don’t have access to your normal exercise or leisure activities.Extend yourself some extra gentleness through this time. Treat yourself like someone you love, who is worth taking care of. Feed yourself as well as possible, tend to sleep as best you can, give yourself breaks from the news, and offer yourself ways of relaxing and letting go of tension. Run yourself a warm bath, and give your nervous system time to relax.

More than anything else, make room for your experience to be what it is, without judging or criticizing yourself. You’re human, and you’re having a human reaction. And remember that you’re not a victim of this trauma or any other. The fact that you’ve lived through past traumas means they didn’t have the last word—you’re still here, still alive, still staring down challenges, still doing the best you can. You will come through this time, because you are a survivor.