Maneuvering Life’s Curveball and Challenges


As pro-baseball pitchers know, a curve ball can be a great weapon in their pitching arsenal. Curve balls leave the batter guessing, often resulting in putaway pitches, more strikeouts and shorter innings. Baseball fans, players, and those in the world of baseball expect to see and look forward to favorite pitchers dishing out those forward spinning balls.

Outside of the game of baseball though, we are taken aback and often shaken by life’s curveballs. These unexpected events often bring forth challenges, obstacles and sometimes a sense of exhaustion and defeat. When we are faced with life’s curveballs, or life’s challenges, what can we do to gracefully maneuver and supersede these encumbrances? Recognizing that challenges and obstacles are a part of the journey called life and understanding that some of the world’s most talented, well-known, and successful people overcame the greatest of trials and tribulations, may give you the steam to keep moving forward in the wake of your circumstances.

Don’t resist!

Resisting the current state of affairs that were sprung upon you may cause you emotional pain, anger, and confusion. These negative emotions may block your ability to think clearly and prevent you from creating a healthy path forward. When we acknowledge and accept that an undesirable situation has occurred, we start the process that will allow us inner peace and clarity of thought.

Try not to push the fear, frustration and anger away, as it will rebound like a boomerang. Instead, give yourself grace and allow it to wash through you. Your willingness to be present with these feelings are key to their dissipation. With this peace of heart and clarity of mind, we will best prepared to resolve, recover and forge ahead on a more fulfilling journey. Remember, even a stamp takes a licking before it reaches its destination.

Never give up, move forward with renewed strength, stayed focused and you will create the most favorable outcome.

Knock that curveball right out of the park! Peace, love and great health to you!