Dairy Increases Risk for Prostate Cancer Recurrence

Whole milk consumption increases risk for prostate cancer recurrence in overweight and obese men, according to a study published in The Prostate. Researchers followed 1,334 participants from the Cancer of the Prostate Strategic Urologic Research Endeavor and tracked dairy intake and cancer-related deaths, recurrences, and treatments.

Those who consumed more than 4 servings of whole milk per week increased their risk for recurrence by 73%, compared to those who consumed fewer or no servings of milk. This increased risk rose threefold in men with high BMIs. Potential mechanisms behind the elevated risk include higher intake of IGF-1 and saturated fat and associated inflammation. Insulin resistance and increased inflammation seen in men with high BMIs may also attribute to this risk.

Tat D, Kenfield SA, Cowan JE, et al. Milk and other dairy foods in relation to prostate cancer recurrence: Data from the cancer of the prostate strategic urologic research endeavor (CaPSURE™). Prostate. 2018;78:32-39.